Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wednesday 5/23/18

WB Pg. 116

WB Pg. 130

Study Sections 7.6 - 7.11 for test on Thursday

Test Friday - Study words on Pg. 69

Finish worksheet

Note to Parents:
I will not be in school on Thursday and Friday.  Mrs. Henson will be my substitute.  Therefore, there will be no postings on my blog for either of those days. 

Thursday night, the only homework the students will have is to study for spelling and reading tests.

Have a great weekend.  Today we discussed in class what the meaning of "Memorial Day" is.  Ask your child.  We had some interesting discussions.   Gotta love those kids!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday 5/22/18

WB Pg. 115

WB Pg. 123
Test Friday on "The Extra-Good Sunday"

If you have not done so in class, finish your limerick on final paper
Test Thursday on Punctuation & Capitalization Sections 7.6 - 7.11

Write each word on pg. 69 (including the 5 extra) two times each in cursive.


This Friday is a half day session.  There will be NO aftercare.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday 5/21/18

WB Pg. 114
Text Book work from this morning - complete copying the triangle definitions into your notebook

WB Pg. 122
Finish story definitions for "The Extra Good Sunday"

Finish Limerick in draft format


Friday is a half-day session.  There will be NO aftercare.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday 5/18/18

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Next week - Friday - is a half day and there will be NO aftercare.

Also next week, we will be having a test in LA.  It should be Tuesday or Wednesday.  I will post the definite date on Monday.

If you want to order a special T-shirt for field day, Monday is the deadline.

The 8th grade is having a raffle of 2 baskets.  A bulletin on blue paper went home today.  Check backpacks and go home folders

Enjoy your family and remember, NO sugar until 6/16.  (Thank You)

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday 5/17/18

Re-read the story Mailing May to prepare for the test tomorrow

Test tomorrow on Unit 14.  Study all definitions, antonyms, and synonyms

WB Pg. 113

Today we saw the dress rehearsal for tonight's production of "Free to be Me."   The kids did a great job on the production AND they had all their lines memorized in addition to doing all their school work.  Great Job Thespians!    It's worth a trip to school tonight to see. 

The atmosphere in school is beginning to ramp up in anticipation of the summer break.   It's approaching a feverish pitch.   I have a special request - please do not feed your children any sugar until after school gets out on 6/15.  Thank you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wednesday 5/16/18

WB Pg. 113
Test Friday on "Mailing May"
Finish classwork - responding to comprehension questions on Pg. 317

QQ test tomorrow - subtraction
Test Day today.  No homework in this subject

Make Study Cards for words 6 through 10
Test Friday on Unit 14

WB Pg. 116
Finish seatwork Pg. 179, Ex. 3 - evens only

  • If you are going to order a Field Day T-Shirt for your child, the order must be in byMonday, 5/21
  • Please sign the "Text Book Form" sent home yesterday as soon as possible please and have your child bring it back to me.  I am collecting the forms to send in one bunch to the office.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday 5/15/18

We had a very special day today  Our very own third grader, Jaxson Niebergall, was Principal for the day.   His very first Act of Power was to declare this a "Homework Free Day."  Thus, I must abide by the directions given by my "Principal."

When Mr. Niebergall made the announcement, I thought the windows were going to blow out of the room.  There was dancing in the aisles. 

However, I did have to put a bit of a damper on the festive atmosphere.  We have to have a math test tomorrow (picture 21 sad faces that were NOT happy with me).  Therefore, the only homework the students have this evening is to study for a math test on Chapter 8 which was all about measurement.  We learned customary and metric systems.